Gardening is a way of showing that you believe in tomorrow.
— Anonymous

The Idea

HomePlants is a sustainable business combining horticultural services with online and event-based plant sales. 

I sell small houseplants and Tillandsia at events, and just Tillandsia online. I work from home, so you can't come and visit as it might wake the cat.

 About 90% of my houseplants are grown in my little greenhouse at home, and I sometime source locally-grown plants at times when I don't have enough of my own.  Over time I hope to build up enough Tillandsia so that they become self-sustaining, but they have a slower growing cycle, so at present I buy them as small plants and grown them on.


Tillandsia (air plants) are epiphytes that have evolved to grow without the need for soil.

This makes them ideal for people who love plants but don't have the space for indoor plants.

It also makes them practical to sell online and post!

If you remember them as little dusty things stuck to glass animals, you will be surprised by how exciting they are.


I offer horticultural services in the Herne Bay & Whitstable areas. I work by myself so I specialise in beds and borders, pruning, weeding and tidying.

I particularly enjoy the rescue of small overgrown gardens and regular maintenance; as this allows me to get to know the garden properly.

If looking at your garden makes you feel overwhelmed instead of calm, give me a call.