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HomePlants is Mercy Morris, with an occasional helping paw from Mr B. 99% of the pictures on the site are my own plants, with at least one cat hair in each photo.


From HomePlants you can buy houseplants, Tillandsia, information  and gardening. Tillandsia you can buy via Etsy if you can’t get to an event.


I don't currently  sell enough plants to run this site as an online shop. Until I do, you are welcome to contact me to order plants which you can pick up at events. If you are very local to Herne Bay I can arrange delivery at a reasonable price.

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Listings for events are here.


HomePlants started while I was studying for an MSc in Ethnobotany.I needed a creative outlet, as well as extra income.I have always grown a lot of houseplants, and my master's dissertation concerned why people grow them. The natural thing was to sell the overflow from my own plants, and to sell Tillandsia by mail. When I left my full-time role, I added a garden maintenance service, & house plant sales at markets.


E.O.Wilson defines biophilia as the 'urge to affiliate with other forms of life'. Creating a biophilic space in our living places is important to our health and that of the wider environment.