Tillandsia juncea

Tillandsia juncea

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Tillandsia juncea (Ruiz & Pav.) Poir. is named for the rush-like (Juncus) appearance of its leaves. It is often confused with/referred to as T. juncifolia but that name is not accepted.  It is native to northern South America (Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, eastern Brazil), Central America, Mexico and the West indies (Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, Trinidad).

It is an elegant plant, and grows up to 50cm tall by 20cm wide at the tips. It makes a great minimalist plant as it always looks tidy and ordered. 

It needs a slightly shaded position, so a north or east facing window would be ideal. It will tolerate a certain amount of sun, but it would be best to check it regularly for dehydration.

It has blue flowers.

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